Long Term Effects Of DUI Conviction

Driving under the influence (DUI) is one of the most common criminal offenses in the United States of America. There are many people with no prior criminal record who are convicted of DUI. As a result of that their driver’s license is suspended and they have to pay hundreds of dollars as fine. They may also have to serve a jail term and face probation. The culprit is also encouraged to take alcohol and drug class. These are just the immediate effects of driving under the influence. There are long term effects of DUI conviction that the culprit might have to face.

They are discussed as following:

  1. Revocation of the driver’s license – When a person is booked for DUI, his driver’s license is revoked which might stay under revocation for up to two years. If your driver’s license has been revoked then it might be difficult for you to get a job. “You may also face problems with your current job especially if your job requires you to drive around,” says DUI attorney Hart Levin.You would also lose the ability to go out on fun family trips.
  2. Background check by employers – There are many employers that do a background check before they hire any new employee. If a person has been convicted of driving under the influence and the prospective employer finds out about the same then he would not consider hiring him. There are also some home owners that do not prefer renting out their property to DUI convicted people.
  3. Increment in auto insurance rates – If you have been booked for driving under the influence then you will probably have to pay more for auto insurance. Insurance service providers charge higher rates to people who have a prior record of driving under the influence as the culprits are marked as “high risk” drivers. If you already have an auto insurance plan and have been booked for DUI then the coverage might get terminated.
  4. Relationships will be affected – If you have been arrested for DUI and not even convicted for the same then you would have to expect a change in the attitude of others towards you. Your family members will feel ashamed and embarrassed when you have been booked for driving under the influence. There might be some friends that might try to avoid you for being arrested for DUI. If you are working in an office then you might have to experience cold behavior from coworkers and employer.

What Is The IRS Fresh- Start Program And Who Benefits From It?

The IRS Fresh-Start Program is an initiative that makes it more convenient for individuals and organizations which owe taxes to the IRS to not only pay back taxes but also avoid unpleasant tax liens. It’s a great initiative that consists of three main elements; tax liens, installment agreements and offers in compliance. The parties that stand to benefit from this program are;

  1. Taxpayers who wish to avoid Federal Tax Lien Notices.
  2. Taxpayers who wish to pay through Direct Debit payments every month, for a period of six years.
  3. Taxpayers who are interested in settling their tax debts for much less than the whole amounts owed to the IRS.

Tax Liens

The amount of taxes that a taxpayer may owe the IRS before it (IRS) can officially file a Federal Tax Lien Notice has been increased from the initial amount to US $ 10, 000. However, in exceptional circumstances, the IRS may still file a notice of lien on amounts that are less than the prescribed US $ 10,000.

If a taxpayer chooses to pay all tax debts owed to the tax authority, any Federal Tax Lien Notice that had already been filed against the taxpayer may be withdrawn. This is only applicable if the taxpayer first meets certain requirements set by the authority. Additionally, the taxpayer must submit an official written request using the Application for Withdrawal- Form 12277.

Taxpayers who are in the process of paying their tax debts through Direct Debit installment agreements may also meet the qualifications to have their respective lien notices withdrawn. Each of them must also file an official written request using the Application for Withdrawal- Form 12277.

IRS has the authority of filing new Federal Tax Lien Notices and also resume collection actions against taxpayers who default on the Direct-Debit installment agreements.

Installment Agreements

According to the Hillhurst Tax Group the initiative has effectively enhanced access to rationalized installment agreements. Individual taxpayers who are required to pay taxes amounting to US $ 50, 000 are at liberty to pay through Direct Debit payments every month, for a period of six years/seventy-two months.

In such cases, the IRS may not necessarily request taxpayers to submit their financial statements. However, the authority may need certain important information that must be provided upon request.

Using the Online Payment -Agreement tool which is available at IRS.gov is the most convenient way of applying for a plan of payment. Alternatively, a taxpayer can apply by submitting the Installment Agreement -Form 9465 (if a taxpayer can’t access the IRS.gov platform).

Offers in Compromise

This is an agreement which gives taxpayers the freedom of settling their tax debts for much less than the whole amounts owed to IRS. The Fresh-Start Program expanded and also streamlined the Offers in Compromise arrangement.

IRS is now more flexible when analyzing the ability of a taxpayer to pay taxes. Additionally, Fresh-Start Program has effectively made the Offers in Compromise arrangement available to more taxpayers.

How To Start A Worker’s Compensation Claim?

If you have been injured on your job at the company that offers workers compensation then you will need to follow the specific process for the claim so that it is considered valid. It enables you to get the payments for covering the injuries that you have sustained as well as you get time away from work for your recovery. But for this you will need to know how to start a worker’s compensation claim so that you can get money for your injuries.

Prior to making the claim to the insurance program, you or your representative need to inform the employer or company that an injury has occurred. Along with it, you will also need to provide medical information to your employers for everyone to know the nature of the injuries that you have sustained and what things you expect for your recovery. After receiving a claim for compensation, the insurance company will provide you provisional liability payments which start within seven days after the injury. During this time the insurer will investigate the facts of the injury as well as the extent of the injury as these will determine whether the insurance will continue with the payments or stop further payments. This phase could get difficult depending on your circumstances.

There are different ways in which you will know how to start worker’s compensation claim and the first way in by contacting claims management. Per the worker’s compensation attorney Los Angeles, it helps in controlling the process that will create mutually beneficial outcomes for you as well as your manager. Web based communication is also a user friendly option for you and your manger as you will be able to view the case information through internet that will easily reduce the time taken to getting compensation for the workers compensation claim.

The workers compensation claim for your injuries needs to be processed quickly so that you will be able to get money for your recovery. It is also very important that you get safest work environment so that further chances of injuries can be eliminated completely. But you will need to give all the information to the adjusters relating to your case so that you can get compensation quickly. This includes information of the accidents/incidents, causes, locations, incident times and all parties involved. You can also seek the help of a work injury attorney for assistance on your claim.

When To Hire An Attorney For Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you have suffered injury because of the fault of someone else’s action then you will need to ask compensation for the guilty person. But in majority of the cases, the injured person will be denied compensation that he is entitled to and even the insurance company underpays money for the injuries. Hence if you have suffered an injury then you will need to know when to hire an attorney for personal injury lawsuits. There are different reasons why you should hire an attorney for your personal injury lawsuits but the most important reason is because the insurance companies always underpays for their own stakes. They do it deliberately because they are aware of the fact that common man does not know about the legalities and hence will not be able to protect against the insurance company.

When you hire an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney like the ones at David Shoop Law, you can be rest assured that you will get your due justice with the legal assistance and guidance of the attorney. As a victim, the period after personal injury can be whirlwind and tough because along with recovering from the injuries and pain, you will also need to face financial difficulties for paying the medical bills and hospital bills. But it is very important that you take the services of an attorney for the personal injury lawsuits so that you can get maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. If you are wondering when to hire an attorney for personal injury lawsuits then you will need to hire the attorney when the insurance company is not willing to pay money for your medical insurance.

The attorney will help in the reimbursements of your medical costs that you have incurred for your rehabilitation and for this you will need to look for an attorney who will guide you through the entire process. “The insurance company may even try to underpay you or convince you for out of court settlement where you will be give a less amount of money for your injuries,” says Tori Micah at Farzam Law. But when you have an attorney, he will make sure that you will get the compensation that you rightly deserve. Therefore it is very important that you seek the assistance of an attorney who will gather all the vital information relating to your case so that you can get the compensation that you are eligible for as a personal injury victim in your lawsuits.